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Urban Design

Creating a sense of place.


Entrance to Track 29 Rooftop Terrace & Vitamin D Deck Public Sculpture


Great urban design is about building functional, beautiful spaces that reflect and engage the surrounding environment. The Track 29 community was designed to give residents a sense of place, and to fit right into the existing neighborhood.


The Midtown Greenway


Biking Down the Midtown Greenway View of the Tracks by the Midtown Greenway 29th Street Entrance to the Greenway


Track 29 City Apartments are in Uptown Minneapolis and adjacent to the Midtown Greenway. The Greenway is a former 19th-century railway corridor recently transformed into a biking and walking path. The design of Track 29 expresses both the historical and current context of the Greenway, as well as the surrounding area.


29th Street Entrance to the Greenway


Urban design elements include:


  • "Stepped" architecture.

    Historically, this area of Uptown was a single-family neighborhood with two-story houses. Track 29 City Apartments gracefully step from six stories down to four, to transition to the height of the surrounding homes. Some of the first-floor apartments have front yards, just like the houses in the neighborhood.
  • Contemporary design.

    Track 29 City Apartments are also designed to complement the adjacent Track 29 Lofts and the Midtown Lofts. These properties are owned by the residents, which makes this a community of engaged neighbors.
  • "L" shape.

    Unlike typical "H"-shaped apartment buildings with internal courtyards,Track 29 City Apartments is designed in an "L" shape. This provides residents with picturesque views of the neighborhood, the Greenway and the Downtown Minneapolis skyline.
  • Public sculpture and drinking fountain

    Created, in part, with 19th-century railroad tracks found during excavation for Track 29. The fountain is part of a public plaza where Greenway users and neighbors will gather. Railroad tracks are also incorporated into bike racks near the main building entrance.
  • A landscaped promenade

    Along Track 29's south wall, next to the Greenway.
  • Passageways between the two buildings.

    A first-floor interior walkway and elevated exterior bridge link the two buildings of Track 29 City Apartments. These passageways provide architectural interest, and also help connect residents and build a sense of community.
  • Local partners.

    As much as possible, we used Twin Cities-based suppliers and contractors. Learn more about our partners.
  • A rooftop terrace

    Offers residents beautiful views of Minneapolis. Grill outside, soak up some vitamin D or just relax with a good book.
  • Interior wood paneling and details from Spain.

    These exquisite wood accents reflect both the historical and contemporary feel of Track 29.
  • Zen garden.

    Against a backdrop of bubbling water, you can practice yoga, read or enjoy quiet conversation in this peaceful sanctuary.


All of these details help to mirror the existing character of the neighborhood, and give Track 29—and residents—a strong sense of place.